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With an allusion to the old-lost city of gold, Eldorado was an incredibly challenging project, but also a highly rewarding one too. It was one of the very first projects I took on as a solo architect and working together with a team of other consultants, we achieved the result that’s a mid-century classic.

At the same time, its curved shapes, its tiled facade and central pillars all come together to strike the right balance between form and function. The building currently serves as an extraordinary public library in the city of New York. 


2018 / 07 / 07


Hi-Lo Fi

2016 / 02 / 12

Google’s Fi project is an innovative and new way in the world of telecommunications, so they needed an office building that reflects those exact values. I was tasked with coming up with the blueprints and the renders for this project, then taking them through to fruition using only the best quality materials. It turned out beautifully.

From the glass elevator shaft that breaks up the facade, to the generously planned out spaces inside that will accommodate an ever-changing team of people, I absolutely loved working on this project. When your client gives you free reigns, best work happens.

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2018 / 03 / 03

The Adoro project was one of my absolute favorite ones because both the work process and the final result were extremely satisfactory from a professional point of view.

Adoro is a contemporary art center in South Korea, made up of two interconnected buildings. The client, Seoul’s Government, wanted for us to fit the building into its environment in the middle of the city, but to also create it in such a way that it would make people look twice.

It’s become my specialty to use curvature and natural forms in my work, and Adoro was no different. Its copper finish was the final touch that was needed to give this already-impressive building a glow. When the sun strikes, the colors at play are absolutely incredible. 

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